Fucked Up ©2014 Henry Chung 03

Wednesday, July 2nd – During a torrential downpour in Philadelphia, Toronto’s Fucked Up came to Morgan’s Pier in Philadelphia to perform a free show celebrating, not only the start of a summer tour, but also the release of their new album Glass Boys.


Local opener Ecstatic Vision, starting things off with a powerful, two-drummed attack and some vibes not too dissimilar from a slightly more psychedelic Fu Manchu.


When it came time for the headliners, Fucked Up lived up to their lofty reputation.  With thunder, lightning and a torrential downpour providing a backdrop, the band brought a tremendous energy into the tent as the crowd spilled over each other in front of the stage.

A healthy mix of new and old songs made up the set, all played at a breakneck pace which infused an even greater fervor.  The band knew exactly where they were as there was a shoutout to Ink & Dagger and a Lifetime cover thrown in for good measure.

Fucked Up ©2014 Henry Chung 05

Given Fucked Up’s penchant for volatility and their lyrical pondering about their place in modern hardcore, this show and Glass Boys proves that, as long as they want it, there will always be a stage and an audience for them.


Josh The Radio Pirate, Henry and myself had the pleasure of speaking with frontman Damian Abraham.  Throughout our discussion, we talked about a wide variety of topics such as ‘Glass Boys’, getting older in a youth-oriented scene, collaboration, anxiety, medical marijuana, professional wrestling and music in general.  A number of other potentially interesting questions were casualties of the time constraint, but we were very happy with what we did get to.

The interview took place during soundcheck right before the band went out on stage which explains any background noise.  A mere sixty seconds or so after we wrapped up the interview and other pleasantries, Damian was on stage in his natural habitat and the show began.  Talk about cutting it close!

Words / Interview – JJ Ellis
Photos – Henry Chung