Josh “The Radio Pirate” has just updated his in studio list of all of the bands that have performed on his radio show. He had this to say about accidentally missing a milestone session:

“I actually just sat down and put together all the audio from all the Pirate Sessions that I’ve done over the past few years. I had no idea we just hit our 50th in-studio live session when digger played in November. Absolutely crazy…

This Friday, Sound of Reverse will be our 52nd band to play live on my show. Honestly I can’t thank you guys enough if you have ever been part of this in any way. “

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xlv Studio Sessions: Amanda X

Amanda X - Pirate Session - ©2013 Henry Chung 10

In support of their upcoming full length, Amanda X came up to XLV to play a live in-studio “Pirate Session” last Friday.

Amanda X - Pirate Session - ©2013 Henry Chung 13

Kat Bean (bass) & Yoon (drums) answering fan questions LIVE on the air.

Amanda X - Pirate Session - ©2013 Henry Chung 12

Cat Park (guitars) during the interview session of the night.

WXLV: Eviction Party

Eviction Party - WXLV

Tune in tomorrow night on “The Pirate Radio Eviction Party featuring family friendly music by TILE”

Time has run out on 90.3 FM WXLV as a standard radio station in its current form.

TILE was the first band to ever play a Pirate Session and will now be the final band to play a Pirate Session on the FM frequency of 90.3 FM.

9:00-9:30 – “Pirate Radio” one farewell spin of the new music show.
9:30-10:30 – LIVE “Pirate Session” w/ TILE.

In support of their upcoming full length, You Had A Friend In Pennsylvania, TILE will be playing an exclusive live in-studio Pirate Session on Friday, March 15th 2013 from 9:30-10:30 pm EST. Hosted by Josh “The Radio Pirate”. What better way to send Pirate Radio off the FM waves and into the internet than the band that started it all?

There are four ways to tune in: on 90.3 FM in Eastern Pennsylvania, streaming online at www.wxlv.org, on the free “WXLV” iPhone app, or on the IHeartRadio app.

This will be a full hour-long set with TILE opened by a half hour of the new music show Pirate Radio.


xlv Studio Sessions: Goodnight Stars, Goodnight Air


Goodnight Stars, Goodnight Air, played a live in-studio “Pirate Session” on Friday, January 11th, 2013. Hosted by Josh “the Radio Pirate”, the full set and interview with Goodnight Stars Goodnight Air was something completely different from what we were used to in Studio C. With the lights out and a projector trained on them, various colors and shapes washes over the duo. As the dark ambient lighting sets the mood, GSGA they took listeners through a haunting electronic soundscape filled with distorted guitars, processed keyboards and various tweaked noise fed through a Kaos Pad.

You can check out GSGA here.

xlv Studio Sessions: Drose

Drose - xlv Studio ©HenryChung 2012Ohio’s Drose stopped by the xlv Studio and recorded a live in-studio “Pirate Session” Thursday night. The band played at Kung Fu Necktie the night after. The guys are doing a short East Coast tour to promote their recent 7″ A Voice. Check these guys out! (They’re big in Europe!!)

Drose - A VoiceDroseA Voice 7″ (no label)

There is definitely a modern-day noise-rock sound, the sort of vague area in which so many bands tread (for better and worse), and while I suppose Drose could be considered another noise-rock band, they seem to have wandered off the path entirely, far removed from any signposts of what a band could or should sound like. Which, in their case, is a pretty great place to be! There are four tracks on A Voice, and this is some really brittle, confounding music – most noise-rock bands try to emulate the killer committing the crime, whereas Drose present themselves as the post-arrest confession, during which the killer feebly breaks down into tears before being carried away to processing. It’s just those damn vocals (care of guitarist and presumed namesake Dustin Rose) that make this one so peculiar. He has this quivering voice that never screams; rather, he sings these distraught lyrics over music that sounds mortally wounded, like the strings are being snapped off with pliers and the drummer is slowly choking on car exhaust. Kinda Harvey Milk-ish in the way these arthritic songs barely move, but there isn’t a winking eye for miles, just a dangerously confused mind at work. A uniquely strange record, the sort of thing I’d only need to hear a few seconds of before instantly recognizing it as Drose, and one that those in need of a twisted art-rock fix should certainly seek out. – Matt Korvette (Pissed Jeans/Yellow Green Red Blog)

xlv Studio Sessions: HORSE


Kempton, PA’s instrumental duo, HORSE, came by the XLV Studio and played a live in-studio “Pirate Session” Friday night. The performance was hosted by Josh “the Radio Pirate” and was broadcasted live.

_DSC4738 _DSC4759

If you missed it, we’ll be sure to post it up here (once the audio has been mixed.) Otherwise, tune in every “Kick Ass Friday” to listen in for more exclusive in-studio performances, interviews and new music! There are three ways to tune in; on 90.3 fm in Eastern Pennsylvania, streaming online at www.wxlvradio.com, or on the free “WXLV” iPhone app.

HORSE bandcamp: http://whorse.bandcamp.com/

xlv Studio Sessions: Slingshot Dakota

Slingshot Dakota & The Keystone Kids stopped by the xlv Studio to play a ‘live on air’ set. They played a diverse mix of new and old material. Don’t forget to support them by checking out their Kickstarter page and help them by donating!

Slingshot Dakota 001Slingshot Dakota 002Slingshot Dakota 003Slingshot Dakota 004Slingshot Dakota 005Slingshot Dakota 006
Slingshot Dakota 007Slingshot Dakota 008Slingshot Dakota 009Slingshot Dakota 010Slingshot Dakota 011Slingshot Dakota 012
Slingshot Dakota 013Slingshot Dakota 014Slingshot Dakota 015Slingshot Dakota 016Slingshot Dakota 017Slingshot Dakota 018
Slingshot Dakota 019Slingshot Dakota 020Slingshot Dakota 021Slingshot Dakota 022