Slingshot Dakota & The Keystone Kids stopped by the xlv Studio to play a ‘live on air’ set. They played a diverse mix of new and old material. Don’t forget to support them by checking out their Kickstarter page and help them by donating!

Slingshot Dakota 001Slingshot Dakota 002Slingshot Dakota 003Slingshot Dakota 004Slingshot Dakota 005Slingshot Dakota 006
Slingshot Dakota 007Slingshot Dakota 008Slingshot Dakota 009Slingshot Dakota 010Slingshot Dakota 011Slingshot Dakota 012
Slingshot Dakota 013Slingshot Dakota 014Slingshot Dakota 015Slingshot Dakota 016Slingshot Dakota 017Slingshot Dakota 018
Slingshot Dakota 019Slingshot Dakota 020Slingshot Dakota 021Slingshot Dakota 022