It saddens us to say that Spraynard have announced that they have broken up.

Dear homies, spanning the globe.  As much as this hurts to say, it can’t wait any longer. Spraynard is no longer a band.  We started this band because all three of us were best friends.  Lately, that has not been the case. All three of us are moving in much different directions, and being in a full-time(ish) touring band just isn’t making sense anymore.  We apologize for the abruptness of this, but for now we won’t be playing a last show. When all three of us are having a good time during a show, that usually has translated into the funniest shit you’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, because we are on not the best terms personally, to me it doesn’t make sense for us to fake that famous fun lovin’  aesthetic. We got to do so much cool stuff as a band and we want to thank every single person who has ever been there for us, sang along, laughed at our hilarious jokes, or even booed. You all will always mean the world to us. We are(were) the best band on the planet. rip. <!3

You might recall the trio released a 7″ EP titled Exton Square earlier this year via Square of Opposition Records and Asian Man Records. If you can’t find any copies of it, then I’d suggest you visit their BandCamp and pickup some of their earlier material.