Exclusive: Slayer at the SBEC Plus an Exclusive Interview with Steve “Zetro” Souza of Exodus

On a cold and snowy night before Thanksgiving, those of us who decided to brave the iffy roadways were treated to a massive metal show at the Sand’s Event Center in Bethlehem.


Exodus started the party, fresh off of the release of their album Blood in Blood Out which welcomed back former singer Steve “Zetro” Souza. Much like that album, the band sounded revitalized live. Zetro’s voice has never sounded better. Six songs which represented the band’s new and classic material didn’t feel like nearly enough.


Next up was Suicidal Tendencies, a band that had been gone for quite awhile before their 2013 return, 13. Most of the faces may seem new but main man Mike Muir was as energetic as ever. Their set tore through much of their classic material.

By the time Slayer hit the stage, the venue was well-populated and ready for mayhem.

The band delivered.


Tom Araya and Kerry King were present and accounted for, but this version of the band features Paul Bostaph on drum (again) and Gary Holt pulling double-duty with Exodus. Their hour and a half set tore through all of the songs that you would hope they would play. Despite the changes to the band, they were tight and brutal.


The performance only adds fuel to our excitement for their next album.

Any of these three bands should and would normally be headlining on their own. To be able to have them all under one roof for one night was a truly special event.

A few days after the show, we were able to catch up with Exodus frontman Steve “Zetro” Souza. The telephone conversation (a first for us) ranged from his return to the band after a decade away, the reception of their new album Blood in Blood Out, horror movies, and much more.

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Words: JJ Ellis
Photos: Henry Chung

Slayer Tour 2014

This post was written by:

Henry Chung – When Henry’s not busy updating this page and speaking in third person, he’s busy shooting and editing pictures from concerts and designing logos for bands.


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