Yellowcard OA10 ©2014 Henry Chung 12

A lot of older bands that made waves in the music scene in the early 00′ struggle to stay relevant, at this point. Yellowcard proves they still have it.

It’s not every day a band gets to celebrate a 10 year anniversary for their breakout album (Ocean Avenue) let alone dedicate an entire tour to it.

Yellowcard OA10 ©2014 Henry Chung 13

Nearing the tail-end of the winter edition of their ‘Ocean Avenue Acoustic Tour,’ these Jacksonville, FL natives came all the way up north in the midst of a winter snow system to play at Allentown’s Maingate Nightclub. Dates for this tour were fairly limited as I met several fans outside the venue explaining that they had to travel through several states just to see this performance.

Inside, the venue was packed with quite a diverse range of fans. Some of whom were probably still in their single digits when Ocean Avenue first came out to those beginning their journey into the real world as it was their soundtrack to their emergence into the national spotlight.

Yellowcard OA10 ©2014 Henry Chung 15

Tonight fans were treated to Ocean Avenue played in its entirety in acoustic form followed by an electric set afterwards. Right before they began their first set, frontman Ryan Key gave the crowd four requirements for the evening:

“1. Enjoy this rock show tonight
2. Give it up for What’s Eating Gilbert
3. Lose your voice tonight
4. Enjoy the show with your eyes and not with your phones.”

Upon the first note of “Way Away” to the conclusion of “Back Home”, you are transported back to the Summer of 2003. Back to a time where being carefree and naïve ruled and you were still in the budding stage of discovering the world. I sat on the side stage with a massive grin across my face as I witnessed a soundtrack of nostalgic memories perform before me.

Music trends come and go, but songs that connect to listeners are timeless. With new material on its way and an upcoming sixth run on this summer’s Vans Warped Tour, Yellowcard proves they are hardly a nostalgia act. They are still active and going strong.

Yellowcard OA10 ©2014 Henry Chung 10

Ocean Avenue Acoustic:
Way Away
Ocean Avenue
Empty Apartment
Life of a Salesman
Only One
Miles Apart
View from Heaven
Inside Out
One Year, Six Months
Back Home

For You, and Your Denial
Always Summer
Be the Young
Five Becomes Four
With You Around
Lights and Sounds