In case you missed it, last night was the final night of the Secret Art Space in Bethlehem, PA. The underground venue have been putting on DIY shows for the last 4 and a half years and have been a major staple of the local DIY punk scene. Many had gotten their start at the Art Space. Some have since either moved on while a few have actually gotten signed and toured the world over. But no matter what, they always come back and play the SAS.

‘It’s amazing to find that people over 3,000 miles across the country have heard of the ‘Art Space’ and wishes to play here. What we got here is unique and many others don’t have a spot where people can come together for shows like this.’ – Tom / Slingshot Dakota

One of the rising stars to come out of the SAS is a band from the Lehigh Valley/ NYC area called Slow Warm Death, fronted by  John Galm, who had previously fronted the beloved math-emo band Snowing (and before that Street Smart Cyclist). This lo-fi/ garage-rock group have had quite a ride in the last year. From being a new project playing a few shows here and there, to “selling out” shows left and right.