Taking their last band huddle, the band took the stage. The lights go up and then the band begins their last (US) set with “Open Quotes” off of their recent and last release, No Devolución. Hammering through 20 songs from throughout their illustrious career, emotions were running very high. In between songs, frontman, Geoff Rickly shared fond memories, both good and bad, with the audience. He mentioned about the time he and the rest of the band thought they were all going to die in a plane crash while on tour right before the band erupts into “At This Velocity.” A highlight of the evening was when they played “Autobiography of a Nation” and “Cross Out the Eyes” with Tom Schlatter of Black Kites on backup vocals. Ending their set with “Turnpike Divides,” the band walked off the stage. And then… it was over.

I remember I was a freshman in college when Full Collapse came out. Their sound was very different than what was out there at the time. Their lyrics were very sincere and from the heart. Thursday’s music helped me through a lot of rough times back in the day and because of that, they have always held a special place in my heart. Seeing their last show and not to mention photographing it is still surreal. Just as the crowd cheered: THANK YOU THURSDAY! Thank you. – Henry Chung

It seems like not so long ago (actually ten years ago) I went to PJ Sounds (Emmaus people will remember that record store) and ordered a record called Full Collapse. Ten years later almost to the date I saw the band Thursday play their last show ever tonight. It was weird to be a part of that. Damn good show but a bit surreal. I grew up on that band. I’m not gonna lie they weren’t my favorite band of all time or anything but they were extremely important to the scene and to me. They will be missed and I feel lucky as hell to have gone to the TLA tonight with some of my best friends and shared this moment with them. – Josh Hoch