Some of the hardest rocking women in music today descended upon the Santander Arena to melt the faces off of a near SOLD OUT crowd. Stitched Up HeartNew Years Day, and In This Moment all came out to support Halestorm on what would be considered a semi-hometown show (the band is from Red Lion, PA which was only an hour South of the venue.)

Stitched Up Heart:

Stitched Up Heart – Photo by Henry Chung

A newcomer into the scene was Stitched Up Heart. Still, in support of their major label debut ‘Never Alone, the band has been touring relentlessly. Once they took to the stage, everyone around me was equally surprised by frontwoman Alecia ‘Mixi’ Demner’s ferocity on the mic.

My main goal was to try and capture all of her hair flails as well as well as the emotion of the performance as they tore through their half-hour set.

New Years Day:

New Years Day – Photo by Henry Chung

New Years Day is a band I’ve seen numerous times before. But within each tour, they’ve grown and evolved their sound. Earlier in the year, they released a cover EP called Diary of A Creep, which features the band’s rendition of songs by Linkin Park, Garbage, No Doubt, Pantera and New Order. So with that said, I was delighted to hear them do Pantera’s “Fucking Hostile” during their set.

In This Moment:

In This Moment – Photo by Henry Chung

I remember ages ago seeing In This Moment perform on the small stages at Warped Tour (we’re talking a LONG time ago now) and to be able to see this act grow into what they are today is phenomenal. The band was still touring for Ritual which came out last year.

Now ITM has always had a flair for the theatrics which is amazing and I sort of feel like it’s what’s missing in a lot of today’s music. But being in the photo pit trying to capture it proves very challenging at times. The incessant use of the fog machines has wrecked havoc on my camera’s AF motors trying to stay focus on the subject at hand. Sometimes the fog is so thick, I could barely make out the other members (frontwoman Maria Brink was the only one who had fans keeping the smoke away from her face).


Fans lighting up the arena with their cellphones during New Years Day- Photo by Henry Chung


Was I disappointed that I wasn’t allowed to capture Halestorm’s performance? Sort of. But overall, I had a blast being given the opportunity to capture these bands entire sets (which is a rarity).

Photos/ Words: Henry Chung