The Hero With A Thousand Faces Tour featuring Alesna, Eyes Set to Kill, Lakeshore and Alteras stopped by the newly opened One Center Square in Easton. This was my first time at this venue and I was curious how the inside looked. Based on photos I’ve seen from others, it looked small so I did enter with some apprehensions.

Final notes: Alesana played with nothing but a few LED bars and a strobe. Other than that, they played in total darkness. The lighting throughout the night were hit and miss. It felt like it was the same crew the used to run the now closed Croc Rock ran the lights here this evening (aka: set it and forget it). Lighting is a huge issue for me at venues because I am solely dependent on it to turn out quality images.

The bands that played tonight sounded amazing. Alesana, as always, was phenomenal live. Eyes Set to Kill had a ton of energy on stage. Lakeshore was great and kept playing up to the audience. My only criticism for the other bands on the bill was that they needed to move around more. They were mostly static and hid under the shadows almost avoiding the audience entirely. This could be because they’re younger bands with less experience under their belts but it just felt like the whole thing was phoned in.

For my first time at this venue, I wasn’t entirely impressed. They’re going to need something huge to draw me back in to cover any other shows here.