Standing outside the venue of Reading, PA’s Reverb, the moon slowly peeks up over the hills. It’s 28ºF outside and the line is beginning to wrap around the building. Some passerby might wonder why anybody would subject themselves to sub-freezing temperatures just to wait in line. Well, the answer is simple. This is the final night of Amaranthe’s Maximalism USA/ Canada tour.

This is the end of a month-long trek for the Swedish/ Danish metal titans with support from bands from all over.  First to open the show was EDM rockers Smashed Into Pieces from Sweeden.

Smashed Into Pieces ©2017 Henry Chung

Then came UK metallers Cypher 16 who noted their love of breakfast throughout their set.

Cypher 16 ©2017 Henry Chung

And then Citizen Zero from USA who brought along their little buddy Conner on stage to help with vocals.

Citizen Zero ©2017 Henry Chung

Then came Failure Anthem (another USA band) riding high on the success of their radio hit “Paralyzed”.

Failure Anthem ©2017 Henry Chung

Finally, it was time for the main event of the night. Amaranthe took the stage with a triple vocal attack featuring Chris from Smashed Into Pieces on clean vocals.

Amaranthe ©2017 Henry Chung

During the band’s encore, they invited fans onstage to help close the night off with “Drop Dead Cynical”.

Below you can listen in to our interview with Olof from Amaranthe as we covered the tour, the success of Maximalism, the possible direction for the next record, and the outlook for the rest of the year.

Full gallery of the night below.

Interview by: JJ Ellis
Photos by: Henry Chung