Exclusive: Save Ferris Shows Off Their ‘New Sound’ at Underground Arts


Save Ferris’ new EP ‘Checkered Past’ is available now on Withyn Records.


March 2nd, 2017 – When Save Ferris hung it up in the early 2000s, the ska world lost a little something special. Sure, there were still bands from the 90s soldiering on, but this was one of the more definitive nails in the coffin of the third wave of ska.

In 2013, after a particularly invasive neck surgery and legal battle with her former bandmates, frontwoman Monique Powell resurrected Save Ferris with a new backing band. They played some shows here and there to much acclaim and after a wildly successful Pledgemusic campaign, Save Ferris released an EP called Checkered Past full of all new music.

Save Ferris, Photo by Henry Chung

They were in Philadelphia at Underground Arts as part of their first full US tour in about 15 years. Openers were Philly ska band Behind Deadlines and Atlanta’s own, Baby Baby.

Before all of that, I was fortunate enough to talk to Monique about how we got to this point and what the future might hold for Save Ferris, among many other topics.

Words/ Interview: JJ Ellis
Photos: Henry Chung

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