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Photo by Jamie Heim

The Interrupters are a four-piece ska band from Los Angeles. They have been around since 2011 and their second full-length Say It Out Loud (Hellcat Records) was released just in time for their first trek on Warped Tour.


The Interrupters - Say It Out Loud
‘Say It Out Loud’ out now on Hellcat Records!

I had the pleasure of speaking to Kevin Bivona, their guitarist and the oldest of the Bivona brothers (Justin is on bass, Jesse is on drums). Rounding out the band on vocals is Aimee Interrupter.

The_Interrupers_VWT_Camden ©2016 Jamie Heim 01
Photo by Jamie Heim

We covered a lot of territory on this one: from working with Tim Armstrong, collaborations, getting your songs in ads, to what Jesse Michaels is up to and most importantly, what podcasts they listen to on those long drives.

Kevin was a great guy to talk to. Say It Out Loud has already found a place among my favorite albums released so far in 2016 and they throw a fun, energetic live show. Briefly meeting the rest of the band at their merch tent later in the evening confirmed that they are all good people who deserve your support.

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Photo by Henry Chung

Words by: JJ Ellis
Photos by: Jamie Heim, Henry Chung