Skold - The Undoing

The Undoing is the highly anticipated third studio album from SKOLD that almost never saw the light of day. The album was scheduled to be released back in mid-April of 2014. Days after it’s announcement, it was cancelled “due to unforeseen developments”, and all pre-orders were refunded. On January 12, 2016, SKOLD announced The Undoing would be arriving April 22, 2016, and pre-orders were made available through Metropolis Records’ Metropolis Records.

The Undoing sounds like a cross between some of the best industrial-rock/ dark-wave I’ve heard in ages. The record opens with “Triumph of the Will” which almost feels like the perfect soundtrack to late night drives while the street lamps whizz by you as  or on the dance floor on goth night with it’s heavy floor-killing beats and wall-to-wall of distortion. “The Oldest Profession” sounds like a bitter response to a lovelorn heart with one of the catchiest hooks on the record “Chasing Demons” is another song that hits you with a wall of synths and distorted beats with little breathing room in between. Another standout is “Wake Up and Die” which is a straight up rock track.

Fans have been eager to hear this follow-up to 2011’s “Anomie” as Tim Skold has kept himself busy over the last few years as the producer to two of Motionless In White’s most critically acclaimed records Infamous and Reincarnate. This record feels very well-balanced between fast/heavy and slow/down tempo tracks. As someone who has followed Skold’s career since the self-titled release back in ’96, I feel that it is imperative that this album be in your collection.

For fans of: KMFDM/ The Birthday Massacre/ Funker Vogt/ Psyclon Nine / Motionless In White / Zeromancer


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