According to The Morning Call and several eye witness accounts, Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin stormed off stage Thursday night (Feb. 18) in Northampton, PA, at the Gin Mill after berating the sound man over sound issues. The short lived performance left those in attendance downright furious.

Those who were there said that the opening acts sounded great with no issues. But it wasn’t until the headliner came on that they kept complaining about the stage monitors. When he tried to turn the crowd on the sound man, it backfired resulting in him walking off the stage with items thrown at him, booing his decision to end the set early.

In a statement on it’s Facebook page, The Gin Mill said, “Our goal is to bring national acts to the Gin Mill at affordable prices in a more personal mid sized club venue and setting where every guest can get up close to the band.”

“Last night at our first concert event folks definitely got a show. Unfortunately, maybe not totally the one they were expecting. Though those who follow POM know the singer has a long history of on-stage meltdowns.”

“For the record the sound man last night has 28 years experience. The opening bands sounded great by all accounts. It’s pretty ridiculous to say he purposely tried to sabotage POM because he ‘hates them’ as the singer suggested. Totally bizarre…”

“If any adjustments were needed (as you sometimes see at shows) maybe asking the sound team to make them instead of immediately launching into a stream of crazed accusations and insults might have been a little more productive….”

It’s been a busy month for Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin. Earlier in the month, the embattled frontman accused an audience member of stealing his home and abruptly ended the show in Marietta, Ohio. The frontman had lost his home in a foreclosure in 2015 and was arrested for trespassing and vandalization when he unlawfully returned causing $7,000 in damages to their property.