So over the weekend, the annual Launch Music Conference invaded downtown Lancaster, PA. It’s sort of like our own version of SXSW but on a much smaller scale. One of the acts set to perform was none other than Alien Ant Farm. Wrapping their current tour with (hed) P.E. the band was scheduled to take the stage Saturday night at the Chameleon Club. The ‘Smooth Criminals’ ended up canceling their set citing the venue wanted to dip onto their merch sales as the issue.

“Hey friends, unfortunately we had to pull out of tonight’s show in Lancaster, PA. The venue basically kicked out our friend and crew guy for selling merch and not giving the venue a percentage. Our contract states nothing of the sort. To yank our guy out of the room is extremely upsetting and we have zero tolerance for such actions. If you want to private message me, Fernando Mitchell (Dryden) I can tell you where we will be hanging tonight. At least you can come hang for a drink and you will receive free copies of our new record as well as shirts. Sorry to those who came out for this!!!”

To make it up to disappointed fans, the band offered to meet fans and give them a copy of their new album for free at a different location. In regards to a comment one made by one their Facebook page, the band said;

“Settle down, honey. U should learn to mind ur manners. We are ur elders. And apparently we read better than u AND the venue.. Or at least comprehend what’s written. Slapped in the face.. U must work w the venue.. U seem at ease being a bully too..? It’s ok though, nothing a lil French kiss can’t fix.. Next time sexy, next time. N lastly, we can out party u every night.. Especially in Lancaster. Slander.. Ha.. Not sure u know the definition. Facts. Them things hold up. Xoxoxo”

The comments regarding this issue is all over the place from fans wondering why venues dip into merch sales to people working in the industry justifying it. Overall, I think it’s good that something like this been brought to light. Maybe it’s time we all start having a conversation about this issue since a lot of bands make their money from mercy sales and venues make theirs from ticket sales and liquor (if applicable) sales. We’d love to hear what you guys think of the situation in the comments below!