So a few days ago, the tragic news of Static-X frontman Wayne Static’s sudden death shook the music world. Many of his friends and former bands mates have come out and made statements about the loss including one of speculation that it was drug related (thank god to our knowledge it isn’t.)

News of his tragic death was definitely something that had hit home to me. This might sound a little odd for me to make a lengthy comment about this other than expressing my condolences to his wife and family but to be honest, if it weren’t for Static-X, I would’ve never been involved in music. So here’s my origin story.

Back in 1998, I was a Junior in high school. Nu-metal was the new alternative and I was already jaded from everything that has been coming out musically. The internet was still in it’s late infancy and I was probably still using AOL or NetZero or Juno or whatever version of the internet that existed back then. I remember browsing through the internet looking for something fresh. Then I came upon the songs “Push It” and “Bled For Days” somewhere online (it could’ve well possibly of been at the time.) I remember looking up Static-X and came upon this primitive looking GeoCities site. I remember there was a link at the very bottom that said ‘contact us if you want to help us out’ and I did. That was the very first time ever that I had switched from a casual music listener to someone that got involved with music.

The band’s debut release Wisconsin Death Trip was about to come out. It was Warner Brother Record’s first metal act they have ever signed and back then, record labels had money to burn so there was a massive push to get them out there. I was sent cases upon cases of demo cassettes, cd’s and stickers to pass out at shows and leave at record stores and skate parks. I was a part of their street team helping them do “grass root” level marketing. They were also the first band I have ever started taking pictures of live. As a thank you, I’ve been guest listed to almost every show they have ever done near my area. From venues like Crocodile Rock in Allentown to the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. I have also appeared in the “Thank You” notes on nearly all of their releases from Wisconsin Death Trip, various EP’s, their out of print live DVD to Machine (not sure about other releases.) This band was the one that got me involved. They were the ones managing their own street teams and always made time to meet and talk to those that helped them out.

Since then, I have moved on to working with other bands and labels either doing street team work or even A&R with talent scouts. But I will always remember that Static-X was the band that started it all for me.

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Henry Chung – When Henry’s not busy updating this page and speaking in third person, he’s busy shooting and editing pictures from concerts and designing logos for bands.