Four Year Strong ©2014 Henry

A few years ago, Four Year Strong released In Some Way Shape or Form an album that, by the band’s admission, didn’t go over well with the fans.  Just prior to this interview, the band was on the cusp of releasing an EP called Go Down In History that would hope to split the difference between fans’ expectations and the musical direction that the band wants to explore.  With the benefit of hindsight, it can be said that they succeeded.

Four Year Strong - Go Down In History

I got to speak to Alan (vocals/guitar) about escaping the clutches of a major label, what people can expect from the new EP, and his solo work (The Here and Now).

It was a great talk that made me want to go a few months without shaving!

Four Year Strong - wxlv ©2014 Henry Chung

Four Year Strong will be hitting the road with this November with TransitSuch Gold & Seaway in support of Go Down In History.