CHVRCHES - The Bones of What You Believe

2 years after the release of the hit single “Mother We Share”, Scotland’s own indie electro pop trio CHVRCHES has finally released their long awaited debut full length album.  Bones of What You Believe puts the band on the map, and with the backing of Glassnote Records (Mumford & Sons) there is no limit to how big they will get.  The instrumentation is beautifully choreographed and entrances the listener, taking their ears for a roller coaster ride of soothing bass lines, head bobbing drums, and heartfelt lyrics.

The album kicks off with their biggest hit “Mother We Share”, and keeps you energized and feeling good with their other great singles “We Sink,” “Gun,” and “Recover.” Even after listening to this album constantly over the past few weeks, it has been a challenge finding much wrong with the album. Whenever an album can simultaneously get you to sing, dance, and generally feel excited to hear more, you know that you’re listening to a potential classic. The only weakness in the album is the closing song “Caught the Light”.  It is good on its own, but in my opinion, should not have been the last track because the lead singer Lauren Mayberry is nowhere to be found on the track.  Amongst an array of synthpop and electropop bands that have gone by the wayside, CHVRCHES have solidified their place as the ones who rose above the rest, and caught the attention of so many.

If you’re a fan of synthpop, electropop, chillwave, or whatever you want to call it, then you will absolutely love Bones of What You Believe.

-Chris Meyers-


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