Tonight Alive © 2013 Jamie Heim
Tonight Alive © 2013 Jamie Heim

Tonight Alive’s interview marks Decent Exposure Radio’s first follow-up interview.  I spoke to Jenna and Whakaio and they actually remembered me from the previous year. We spoke at great length about their upcoming album The Other Side (pre-order it now!) and other recent developments.


When the recorder clicked off, they thanked me, (as they did last year) for taking the time to do research and for not asking the same questions they get almost every interview (‘What’s it like being in a female-fronted band?’ ‘You guys are like Paramore, right?’ ‘How did you get started?’ ‘Describe the history of a band’ (which isn’t really a question, it is a lazy demand, isn’t it?) )  I can’t imagine how boring that must get and I did notice a fair number of crappy, unprepared interviews that they have had to endure (and I had to endure watching).  All the same, they were cool and their star will, hopefully, continue to rise.

Tonight Alive - The Other SideTonight Alive’s The Other Side Preorder Now!