Silverstein © 2013 Henry Chung
Silverstein © 2013 Henry Chung

Decent Exposure Radio/Neostar Promotions have been trying to get an interview with Silverstein for years now.  The thought was originally to talk to them, then get hooked up with Lights (because of their collaboration) and then A Wilhelm Scream (because Silverstein’s frontman, Shane, is best friends with their bass player).  As it turns out, we talked to Lights without any outside help, A Wilhelm Scream came to Allentown and we interviewed Brian (the previously-mentioned bass player), anyway.  It was nice to finally track the band down and have an official interview with them.


In the press tent we got to sit down and talked to Josh and Paul-Marc.  In this interview, we talked about being Warped veterans,  their recent release This is How the WInd Shifts and it’s past headlining tour, the band’s song-writing process and a secret cover song (it was The Chariot‘s “Teach” performed on the last day of the tour.)

Silverstein - Instagram
Image posted on Silverstein’s Instagram feed on the final day of Warped.
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