The Black Dahlia Murder © 2013 Jamie Heim
The Black Dahlia Murder © 2013 Jamie Heim

Decent Exposure Radio/Neostar Promotions  got to speak with Trevor Strnad, frontman of the Black Dahlia Murder.  He was a very talkative guy and won the prize for longest interview of Warped Tour (for me, anyway) at roughly 20 minutes. TBDM’s new album Everblack is quite good, continuing the quality that was really begun with the release of Ritual.


In this interview, we talked about how their presence made for a stark contrast with a lot of the pop-punk and breakdown heavy metal-core acts on Warped, their new album Everblack, death metal album art, why the new Evil Dead remake sucks and where they got the ape costume. TBDM wanted to be the odd band out and to reach different audiences on this tour.  Mission accomplished.

The Black Dahlia Murder - Everblack

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