Supporting Device (featuring David Draiman of Disturbed) & Nonpoint at The Sherman Theater, Gemini Syndrome pumped up the crowds of rabid concert goers as they await for the night’s headliner to take the stage. Having just finished a nationwide tour supporting Mushroomhead and a few spring festivals (Welcome to Rockville and Carolina Rebellion), Gemini Syndrome  offered the crowd a mix of ethereal riffs bending between growling vocals and clean melodic crescendos.


Gemini Syndrome (Aaron, Rich, Mike, AP, and Brian) converged when the guys discovered that Aaron’s love for the illuminati caught Rich’s attention and created an immediate and unbreakable bond that would extend between each of the members. They began residing under one roof, to live, sleep, and breathe music together communally as a band in the truest sense.

Their progressive fascinations bare resemblance to their musical ethos. Aaron will reference clandestine secrecy of  “The Enlightened” in the same breath as espousing the merits of Eastern Buddhist ideology. At the same time, Brian speaks of his Freemasonry studies and boasts a collection of literature any occult scholar would envy.


Coming to the show, I actually knew nothing about this band. The most I’ve heard from them was from their videos up on YouTube which reminded me of the melodic stuff from Mudvayne. I was actually kinda surprised how much fun it was to photograph these guys. Also surprising was the lack of security that night at the Sherman. Me and my fellow photographers ended up shooting the entire set which made editing these pics a little harder (too many goo shots!)