In This Moment shows are always a treat both sonically and visually. Nominated for ‘Song of the Year’ for their hard-hitting single “Blood” as well as frontwoman, Maria Brink, is nominated for the ‘Best Vocalist’ award, the band’s stage was dressed in veils and skulls with LED accent lights setting up the mood before they took the stage.


The band started their set with “Adrenalize,” a hard-hitting number off of their recent release Blood that had audiences banging their heads and singing along. With a large flowing cape and lingerie, Maria came out looking like the White Queen! They followed up with “Blazin” from A Star-Crossed Wasteland that if the crowds weren’t already going ape-shit, this song would definitely pick them off their feet and throw them into a mosh. Maria, dressed as a dominatrix-school marm,  slowed things down a bit with “Whore.” After the first three songs, I was booted out of the photo pit. From the side of the stage, I could see Maria’s crew feverishly setting up her next ‘look’ as she changes her outfit between each song.

I’ve actually photographed In This Moment many times in the past but for this current tour, they’ve switched things up a bit. Instead of her skull encrusted mic stand, front woman Maria Brink was wearing wireless mic. This posed a bit of an issue as one side of her face is obstructed from a microphone, therefore making it a battle in the photo pit  to shoot from her left side. The constant blue/ green LEDs fixed on her also made it difficult to shoot as not a whole lot of lighting was actually workable except for the few off chances of a strobe going off. Though her many costume changes between songs did buy me some time to readjust and retune my camera, it still didn’t help a whole lot as the lighting was still overall dim.


In This Moment will be on the road most this year and probably onto next promoting Blood, their fourth studio album. If you ever get a chance to see them live, I urge you to please do so. You will not regret it! Not many bands these days put so much effort into giving fans a full theatrical performance like this band does.