Super Sad Valentines Day


So what do you do on the loneliest day of the year? Well, for those of us that didn’t have anything planned we go to shows! And on this Valentines Day, we spent our evening at Gallery U in Bethlehem.


The first band tonight was Goodnight Stars, Goodnight Air. Having just seen the electronic duo do a “Pirate Session” at the XLV Studios a few days prior, I had an idea of what we were in stored for.


The second band up was Things Fall Apart from Ohio which ran into some technical difficulties during their performance (broken drumhead.) But after a quick repair, they were back in business. Their sound was so loud, pictures hanging on the walls (yes, it’s an actual art gallery) started falling on the floor.


Lastly, Vowel (also from Ohio) closed the evening with their brand of post-rock screamo. What separated their sound from the others tonight was their implementing  of the violin into their music.

Overall, it was a fun evening. Gallery U has only been open for a few months but the idea of having a local art gallery also doubling as a space to put on shows sounded like an interesting concept. There aren’t really a lot of spaces for bands to play in the area so any new additions to help support the scene is a welcomed one.





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