Ceremony - Secret Art Space ©Henry Chung 2012

So after a confusing last-minute venue change, Bay Area hardcore punks, Ceremony played a SOLD OUT show at the Secret Art Space. The show was originally scheduled to play at The Maingate Nightclub in Allentown but due to a lack of pre-sale tickets, the show was cancelled (c’mon, punk kids NEVER buy pre-sales. We pay CASH at the door!) The band performed with Stick Together, United Youth and SLUMS opening.

Having been on the road promoting their fourth studio album Zoo (and their first on Matador Records), these guys have been playing venues from small clubs, to large capacity venues to playing basement shows in Bethlehem. Ceremony’s performance was by far, one the best I have ever seen in a long time. Their set for the night was Zoo heavy but still touched upon their earlier works. Once the band closed their set with “Sick” people were literally climbing top of each other, vying for their screams to be heard through the microphone.


Having already toured the US, Canada, Australia and the US again, Ceremony will continue to be on the road playing dates in Mexico in January. After that? Who knows. Probably more touring.