Chris Cerulli of Motionless In White posted on his Tumblr what fans can and cannot expect to be on Infamous, the band’s second full-length for Fearless Records.

“People really need to start accepting the fact that musically and vocally, Motionless In White, in a lot of ways, are not the same band anymore. Infamous comes out in less than 2 months and I feel more and more like people are expecting “Creatures 2”. Yes, there are a lot of elements from Creatures on this new record, but for the most part.. We have evolved and I can promise you that you have NO idea what you’re about to hear. However, rest assured that you will not be disappointed if you don’t go into it with any negative preconceptions. I would kill myself if I wrote another record that people kept comparing to bands like “The Devil Wears Prada”, “Black Veil Brides” or “A Day To Remember” like they did with Creatures. Those kinds of bands are in NO WAY WHATSOEVER our influences or what we strive to sound like.  You can expect more Metalcore, Industrial, Nu Metal and even Rock influences from this record, not just breakdown after breakdown followed by a chorus than an even more “br00tal” breakdown. Fuck that.”

“Stop worrying about shit that you shouldn’t be worried about and making stupid comments before you’ve heard as a whole. Stop trying to immediately compare it to other bands and just fucking enjoy it. There are no such thing as rules when it comes to creating art in any form. If there were, a LOT of things you love about it wouldn’t exist. It’s music. it’s most basic reasoning for existing is for your entertainment. If you don’t like it, thats fine. I understand that people have a hard time digesting change. Instead of making assumptions based off of 1 song you’ve heard, wait till you hear the whole thing and go from there. To put it more simply… Open your mind before your mouth.”

“Motionless In White will always be the same band at heart and regardless of how different the music may sound at times, the basic foundation of what we are, will always be found in our songs. If anything, the lyrics i wrote for this record top ANYTHING on Creatures. I stopped writing through the eyes of movie and literary characters and started writing more through my own and those of our fans and people in general. I hear so much from people about how my lyrics helped them and made an impact on their life.. so needless to say,  I really stepped up my game on that end. Not every song on the record is entirely different than Creatures, but a lot of them are. You’ll just have to wait and hear for yourself. We are a band about taking risks and not giving a shit what people have to say about it. This record is a prime example of that.

We’ve evolved, come with us.”

Their new album comes out in mid-November. Be sure catch them on their first ever headlining North American tour.