Recap: All Stars Tour 2012

The All Stars Tour rolled through Allentown once again. This time, they had a much heavier sounding line-up. But once again, the planning was horrific. Instead of opening up the patio for an outside stage, like they did the previous year, they had both the upstairs main-stage and the downstairs stage going simultaneously. Locals played downstairs while the headliners played upstairs. Jumping on the bill last minute was Our Last Night (they got stuck in the basement.)

Unfortunately, they never thought about how would concertgoers be able to navigate through the upstairs and downstairs with only one tiny hallway? To say the place was sweltering is an understatement where most attendees left midway into the sold out show.

Like most shows at Croc Rock, the lighting is terrible. Too many times it feels like they just flip the red stage lights on and walk away for half and hour. For the few bands that did bring in their own lighting rigs, did I get the best shots (tip: if you’re a band that wants the me to love you forever, bring your own lighting rigs!)

Despite numerous technical set-backs, a lot of the bands managed to still have a good time up on stage.

Photos: Henry Chung [Click here for more]

Though with the unfortunately heat aside, shooting All Stars this year was a lot easier but also a lot more challanging. I didn’t have to fight through crowds to get to where I needed to be and most (save for am overzealous fan-girl who sneaked her way into the photo-pit) of the people in the pit with me knew the score. We all looked out for one-another and even though we were there working, we all still had fun. But with the terrible lighting in the small club, most shots were either unusable or had to be converted into black & white to be legible.

This post was written by:

Henry Chung – When Henry’s not busy updating this page and speaking in third person,he’s busy shooting and editing pictures from concerts and designing logos for bands.


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