Having been a fan since before they changed their name to Linkin Park, it was an honor to photograph these guys. I had actually met them before ten years ago at Ozzfest. I was working with StreetWise C+C at the time and they were a major sponsor that year. It’s great to see that they’re still active and have continued to churn out hits after all these years.

At the Camden, NJ stop of the Honda Civic Tour, I got to witness them once again. Their set was very well balanced between their last few records. What was a pleasant surprise was that a lot of older material that hasn’t been played much made the cut.

Not a lot of people were fans of their last record, A Thousand Suns but I thought the three songs that they played off of it (“The Catalyst”, “Waiting for the End” & “When They Come for Me”) sounded amazing live.

Also, seeing them perform “Lost In the Echo” off of their new record Living Thingswas great as it breathes new light to the song which, at first, I didn’t really care too much for it but it has now become my new favorite of theirs. Midway into “Bleed It Out” they busted out a couple verses of the Beastie Boys classic, “Sabotage,” as an homage to MCA.

Photos: Henry Chung [Click here for more]

Unfortunately, because of the downpour, I witnessed most of the show inside via the monitors. A handful of the songs towards the end of their set were backed by towers of pyrotechnics. A pleasant surprise since they’re not known to use pyro at shows. Overall, it was a great experience seeing Linkin Park again and having the opportunity to shoot them.

I have been a fan of theirs for many years and I hope to see them again soon. Hell, I might even reconsider joining the LPU again!

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