Marking their return to Allentown for the first time in nearly 20 years, The Bouncing Souls put on an energetic live show that leaned heavily on their latest release Comet. Though, their set was slightly marred early on by some inconsistent sound levels, it was eventually corrected by the end of their nearly 30 song set. We were lucky enough to to get to speak to ‘Souls’ frontman Greg Attonito towards the tail-end of their Comet club tour.

Philadelphia’s own The Menzigers ably got the crowd worked up for the headliner while another Philly local, Luther, started the night off.

Unfortunately, the real lowlight of the evening, was the backstage theft of the ‘Souls’ personal belongings.

“Calling all cars… Once again we have been ripped off. K8 is Great, our tour managers, bag was stolen tonight from the backstage. Laptops, passports, paperwork, and lots of money was in there. If you care at all about the music scene or people trying to come to your town to play shows for you, please return it to us. This is all we got. Thank you”

It was nearly two decades since they have last been through the LV, hopefully, this incident doesn’t deter them from ever coming back.

Click below to listen to the interview.

[You can download the audio HERE]

Photos By: Henry Chung