When most bands lose their lead singer, they end up calling it quits as no one else can replace their signature sound. In 2009, Jim Lindberg who fronted Pennywise for over 21 years decided to call it quits to pursue other interests. Enter Zoli Téglás from Ignite. A lot of people have been skeptical of whether of not Zoli would be able to carry on the legacy Jim have left behind. In a word: yes!

All Or Nothing, the first studio album from Pennywise since 2008’s Reason to Believe, is a solid release with 12 (14 in the Deluxe Edition) blistering tracks that start fast and don’t let up until the album’s conclusion.

The title track was the first single for the album. It’s a fast opener that helps to set the tone for the rest of the record. “Revolution” leaves you wondering what they were referring to (Occupy Wall Street? This past Reason Rally in DC?). “Let Us Hear Your Voice” and “We Have It All” have some of the best sing-along choruses on the record. Other standout tracks are “X Generation,” “Songs of Sorrow,” “Tomorrow,” and “We Are The Fallen.”

At times, the writing can be a bit cliche with generic fist pumping slogans. Then again, it wouldn’t be Pennywise without these flaws which have come to define the band.

This was, in essence, Pennywise’s comeback record and might also be one of their best work to date. They definitely gave it all, rather than nothing.

-Henry Chung-

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