Tigers Jaw‘s keyboardist/ vocalist, Brianna Collins is in a bit of a bind. Being a college student means pretty much living off of pennies. Trying to survive as a touring musician and a college student means you really have to do something creative to stay afloat. Recently her car was broken into and all her photo equipment were stolen. So she’s trying to raise some money to help replace these items by selling some of her prints. You might’ve seen her work before in the past. From Tigers Jaw album covers to her shot of Title Fight in Alternative Press issue #280. You can check them out at her site and purchase prints from her bigcartel page.

“Recently my car was broken into and the photo equipment I rented from school, my friend Danielle’s camera that she was letting me borrow, and my friend’s jacket were all stolen. Although that all really sucked, it has actually gotten me to do something that I have wanted to do for a long time.

This semester I made a website, and along with that website I also made a bigcartel to sell prints. The money from the first six prints that I have put up for sale is going to go towards paying for all of the stuff that was stolen. I am really lucky to have some amazing friends that are letting me use images of them, and I am also very lucky to have great bandmates that are always so encouraging.

There are six images, each of which is either from a scanned 35mm negative or a scanned image of a cyanotype. Each print is 8×10” and printed on high-quality archival paper, signed, numbered, and limited to 15 prints per image.

So whether you just look at my website or buy a print, thank you so much for your help and support.”

– Brianna