In case you missed it, the Keystone Kids (Carly Commando & Ryan O’Donnell) recently released their debut EP, Things Get Shaky, on Deep Elm Records. You can pick it up on iTunes or directly from Deep Elm. You can also follow them on Twitter or check out their Facebook page for up to date info!

“The collaboration between Emmy Award-winning songwriter / piano instrumentalist Carly Comando and punk rocker Ryan O’Donnell may be a marriage of opposites, but the 26 solid minutes of indie-electro-pop excellence that resulted is anything but surprising given the talent behind it and the incredible chemistry shared by these two musicians. Things Get Shaky, the debut release by indie supergroup Keystone Kids, is more than an album of smart electronic pop with homages to 80’s era synth lurking beneath the surface. The sheer strength of the songs, the crystal clear melodies, the playful duets and the sincere vocal performances together build to an addictive climax in nearly every song. Comando’s stunning piano savvy adds moments of incredible beauty throughout, especially on the song Falling. “We wanted the songs to be as simple and accessible as possible, yet relatable and relaxing…so people can take away something from each song. We based the lyrics on our own experiences, but anyone can really take from them their own meaning. It seems every year there’s a point in our lives where things get a bit iffy and weird, and we all have to get through it. All of the songs on Things Get Shaky illustrate a variety of emotions we feel throughout the year, whether it’s heartbreak, getting over someone, loving someone or dealing with negativity. And in the end, even when things try to shake us up, we make it through. We just want the album to make people happy” says Carly. We’re all suckers for a catchy melody…and it’s here in droves. So forget what to call it and just enjoy. We love this record. And you will too.”