Hawthorne Heights Gives Fans “HATE”

Did you guys pick up Hawthorne Heights recent EP Hate? If you haven’t, Purevolume is giving it away as a FREE download all this week, along with a bonus track “Routines” from UK act Failsafe, the first band signing to HH’s label Cardboard Empire! You can download the EP here!

We reviewed Hate last September and gave it a “5/5.” It was a solid release from these guys with a sonically much more aggressive sound but a bit of a throwback lyrically to 2004’s debut The Silence in Black and White & 2006’s If Only You Were Lonely. Key tracks that stood out were: “Is This What You Wanted?”, “Divided” & “Stay Awake / Stay Alive.”

Failsafe’s Cardboard Empire’s debut Routines will be out April 3rd. If you like what you heard, you can pre-order Failsafe’s album here.


“Due to overwhelming demand for our free EP download, our hosting server ground to a crawl and people were experiencing incredibly slow download speeds. Lesson learned! We decided to give you a new faster and better link to download HATE and the new Failsafe song “Routines” from for FREE! This link will only be available this week so get it while it’s hot and tell everyone you know to check it out! Please make sure to listen to Failsafe, we think you’ll REALLY love them!”


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