Looks like our buddy Ted Young has been getting a lot of attention on the internet these days.

This goofy picture of me has been making the rounds on the internet with literally millions of views and shares.  John Agnello and I were up at Dreamland Recording near Woodstock, NY recording basic tracks with Free Energy from Philly.  We drove by Wall Street every morning on our daily coffee run and had a good laugh about the idea of the picture.  Then it was up on the Facebook and the Twitter and let loose into the wilds of the internet!  We are both big supporters of the OWS movement, this is not meant as a mockery of the protests.  It’s really just meant to bring some levity to a very grave situation.  We actually considered not taking the picture as it was the morning after police raided Zuccotti park in NYC and thought everyone would get pissed off at us for being insensitive. But, as it turns out, people loved it! – Ted Young