Over the years, New Found Glory has become a household name for those who are into the pop-punk scene. Whether you’ve been listening to them from their days in Florida (circa 1997) or just discovering them, their new album Radiosurgery will have both long time fans and newbies alike shaking their moneymakers on the dance floor.

Throughout the years, many changes have been seen in the punk genre. While most musicians find it necessary to create the next new craze to stay current amongst changing trends, NFG has made it clear, they have no agenda and could care less about the changing fads. Their songs are about real situations and relationships, and that’s what makes them respectable. The worse the situation or relationship, the more aggressive the songs became. It showed with their previous release Not Without a Fight. That album brought back the gang styled vocals and hardcore edge that was missing in their most controversial release Coming Home. It showed the band, despite being off a label for a few years, wasn’t going to give up. At least, not without a fight.

For their seventh studio album, Radiosurgery, which was released on Epitaph Records, the band called on their long-term record producer Neal Avron to help forge it. The band’s inspiration for the album was their classic punk rock roots. The title track, and first single, Radiosurgery was inspired by real life tragedy that happened to some of the band members. Although the gritty guitar riffs are catchy as hell, the lyrics tell a story of anxiety, and an honest concern for the girl that the song is about. “Memories and Battle Scars” will most likely be named as their second single. It’s a song chock full of heart felt lyrics, smooth bass lines, and a kick ass pop-punk breakdown that only NFG can deliver.

In the end, this album delivers on the kind of music that NFG fans have come to love. Most musicians would probably kill to have the kind of success that NFG has had, and Radiosurgery will be another notch on their so-called “bedpost” of hit records. It should be said that when it comes to pop-punk, only a few bands stand tall, and walk hard. New Found Glory is definitely one of those bands.

-Chris Meyers-

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