Cobra Starship has always been a guilty pleasure. They have become known for frontman Gabe Saporta’s sassy pop-culture-commentary lyrical style, but Night Shades, their fourth studio release from Fueled By Ramen/ Decaydance Records eases off the attitude and allows listeners in on Saporta’s romantic turmoil. “This record might be the most commercial record, but also our most honest,” Saporta says.

Opening track “You Belong to Me” felt like it belonged somewhere toward the middle or the end of the album as it doesn’t really flow very well into to the rest of the songs. Their first single “You Make Me Feel…” is a catchy dance track that is perfect for the club floors. “#1Nite” sounds like a sequel to ‘Hot Mess’ “Good Girls Go Bad” and “Anything for Love” feels like something that you’d hear at the end of a John Hughes film. Cobra Starship managed to sever any pop-punk ties they had left and completely abandon that scene. Sadly, the only song with any mild traces of their tongue-in-cheek sensibilities is “Fool Like Me.”

Overall, Night Shades played it too safe. It felt like the band was trying too hard to appeal to a much younger audience. Further evidence of this could be the fact that they have been on tour with a very Nickelodeon / Disney Channel heavy line-up featuring Justin Bieber and Big Time Rush.

-Henry Chung-

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