For the first time in a little while, it looks like there are a few respectable choices for your home movie watching. June 7th promises to accommodate a wide variety of tastes.

  • True Grit – The remarkably well-received remake of the classic western. It seems the Coen brothers have done it yet again.
  • Just Go With It – Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston team up for this romantic comedy involving a doctor who deceives women by feigning an unhappy marriage. Nick Swardson also makes an appearance to help things be funny. There’s no fooling you savvy readers/movie watchers, this is just a remake of ‘Cactus Flower.’
  • Sanctum – Haven’t we learned that it’s a bad idea to go exploring exotic locales in strange countries? Almost all of these movies would be avoided if the characters would just stay in their hotel rooms. Either way, this James Cameron produced (but not directed or written) film stars Ioan Gruffudd and a few other people who all think it’s a good idea to explore an underwater cave. Turns out, it’s not. The 3-D aspect was aggressively promoted for this film. Rumor has it, that’s the only part worthwhile about the whole thing.
  • Another Year – A British drama from our buddy Mike Leigh. This follows the spring, summer, fall, and winter of a year in the lives of an older couple. Jim Broadbent and Lesley Manville star.
  • Company Men – A man (Ben Affleck) loses his well-paying job in a bit of corporate downsizing. To make ends meet, he works with his brother-in-law (Kevin Costner) installing drywall. In all likelihood, life lessons are learned and a socio-economic chasm that separated two disparate figures closes, bringing them closer than ever before.
  • American: The Bill Hicks Story – A documentary about the late comedian.
  • Breaking Bad: Season 3 – Bryan Cranston continues to leave the specter of ‘Malcolm In The Middle’ in the past with this highly successful series. Who knew that selling drugs in the desert would be so profitable? Oh, right.
  • Burn Notice: Season 4 – One of USA Network’s strongest shows (if not strongest) celebrates its fourth season. Isn’t it nice to regularly see Bruce Campbell? Expect a fifth and sixth season of the series.

All of these films, and a few others, will be available to rent/purchase at fine retailers in Allentown, the Lehigh Valley, and beyond.

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