DVD Releases 5/31/11

Are you eagerly awaiting the next round of new releases? Well, take a look at what you have to choose from.

If you like over-the-top action movies with overacting and an over-reliance on visual trickery, you might be happy. If you’re open minded toward Spanish dramas, you have probably been waiting for this week. If you like your vampires romanticized and episodic, you’ll probably be beside yourself with joy.

  • Drive Angry – Nicholas Cage driving, angrily, in 3-D. That’s either the best news possible, or the absolute worst, depending on your opinion of Mr. Cage. This is a violent revenge tale that wasn’t shy about touting its visual gimmick. Sometimes, half the fun is just watching one of these kinds of films to see just how far the filmmakers take it: too far or WAY too far?
  • Biutiful – The latest from Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (‘Amores Perros’ and ‘Babel’) stars Javier Bardem as a cancer patient who must juggle his illness with his fractured family and some not-quite legal activities. Yes folks, subtitles! This one had a lot of award nominations and a even few wins.
  • True Blood: Season 3 – The vampire craze continues. Of the television shows to try to capitalize on the creatures’ resurgence in popularity, this probably has the largest audience. Buy or rent this to try to prolong the fun or ignore it to help end the madness. Your call.

All of these titles will be available to rent/purchase in fine retailers all throughout Allentown, the Lehigh Valley and beyond.

When J.J. Ellis isn’t writing as the Allentown DVD Examiner, his Decent Exposure Radio can be heard on the air every Friday night from 10:30 to midnight (EST) on WXLV 90.3 FM or wxlvradio.com!

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