Face To Face never really got any respect. Sure, they had some fans, but they were always kind of lost in the shuffle of 90’s punk bands. Then, they just went way.

It took nine years, but after 2002’s How To Ruin Everything, they have returned with their latest, Laugh Now, Laugh Later.

While some of the early songs try to come out of the gates quickly (especially ‘It’s Not All About You,’) the album doesn’t really hit its stride until the fourth track, ‘Bombs Away.’ The next two tracks continue the high-energy output and upbeat tempo that serves as the album’s high point. ‘All For Nothing’ is a sentimental song with some bluesy guitar licks and is a real standout late in the game.

This is a workman-like effort from a veteran punk band. They may have traded in some of the speed that characterized much of their earlier work in favor of a deliberate swagger (a la Social Distortion)but I guess that’s what you call aging gracefully.

-J.J. Ellis-

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