A Reunited Anberlin Plays to a Sold Out Crowd at the TLA

It’s been over five years since Anberlin called it quits. But earlier this year the band announced a string of North American tour dates with I the Mighty as support. One of the first to sell out was Philadelphia’s TLA. The demand was so high that the band added a 2nd date to their itinerary to appease the fans.

Exclusive Interview: The Regrettes at the TLA (Ep 81)

Theater of Living Arts – 12/10/17

What better way to wrap up our live coverage for 2017 here at Neostar Media than at a live show in Philly that highlights some acts which could make waves for years to come?

Tonight’s event was a co-headlining tour between The Interrupters and SWMRS.

The Interrupters, SWMMRS, Mt. Eddy, The Regrettes ©2017 Jared Lagler40
Mt. Eddy – Jared Lagler

Starting things off was Mt. Eddy, a pleasant rock & blues band that the younger audience members seemed to eat right up. The frontman was mostly clad in a coat and a thick hat with earmuffs and predictably drove the females wild when he removed his hat by the end of the set. They seemed to have a respectable following in this crowd of early attendees but their merch offerings indicated that they are very early on in their musical journey.


The Interrupters, SWMMRS, Mt. Eddy, The Regrettes ©2017 Jared Lagler20
The Regrettes – Jared Lagler


The Regrettes took the stage next and increased the energy level significantly. Their debut full-length Feel Your Feelings, Fool! has really made waves and has been appearing on a number of year-end lists. As good as the record is, the live show is really where it’s at with them. Frontwoman Lydia Night (more on her later) bounced around the stage, howling into the mic and often playing guitar while the rest of the band was locked in musically. Despite their youth, they are all products of School Of Rock. If you have heard the song “Hey Now” in Dunkin Donuts commercials, that’s them.

The Interrupters, SWMMRS, Mt. Eddy, The Regrettes ©2017 Jared Lagler21
The Interrupters – Jared Lagler

Next up was The Interrupters who seem to always be on the road. If there were tired or homesick, it sure didn’t show. The energy was there as always and they constantly interacted with the crowd. An added bonus for someone like me who has seen them three times within the last year and a half was the fact that they dug deep into their modest catalog. While their shows before were to celebrate ‘Say It Out Loud’, this time, they seemed to be a little more rooted in their self-titled album. They also played one of my favorite (and slightly obscure) songs of theirs “Treat The Youth Right.”

Allegedly, they have a third album recorded and it’s probably being mixed or mastered as we speak. To say that I’m looking forward to it is an understatement.

The Interrupters, SWMMRS, Mt. Eddy, The Regrettes ©2017 Jared Lagler11
SWMMRS – Jared Lagler

Being a co-headlining tour, SWMRS closed out the show.  To be perfectly honest, I knew very little about them beforehand aside from their origins as Emily’s Army and the drummer being the son of Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day.

With my admission of not being in the band’s target demographic out of the way, I can say that they were more energetic and louder than I expected. After the fact, I caught up with some of their songs online and the recorded output doesn’t really do justice to the live show. Most importantly, the young crowd seemed to know the words and sang along like crazy. There were copious motivational messages and speeches delivered to the audience which did slow the momentum down at times, but everyone was on board, in the crowd.

Before all of this, I had the opportunity to speak to Lydia from The Regrettes’. We talked a little about ‘Feel Your Feelings, Fool!’, how they have grown, being under the microscope and living up to expectations, and what’s next.

The Regrettes - Feel-Your-Feelings-Fool
Feel Your Feelings Fool! by The Regrettes is Out NOW!! [Click here to listen]

Words: JJ Ellis
Photos: Jared Lagler

Transcending the Coma Tour

Transcending the Coma Tour.jpg

9/15/16 – Transcending the Coma Tour – The Devin Townsend Project / Between the Buried and Me with Fallujah – Theatre of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA

Traffic and parking prevented us from witnessing opening act Fallujah’s performance. Reports seem to indicate that they put their latest release Dreamless firmly in the spotlight.

Between the Buried and Me were the second act of the evening and, as promised, played their latest album Coma Ecliptic in full. Coma Ecliptic was my favorite album of 2015, so seeing it in person was an experience that was perhaps best appreciated by those of us who had a familiarity with the concept and story. Then again, fans of progressive rock can also enjoy it as it may be the most accessible collection of songs the band has put out yet. The narrative helps to make it cohesive as a collection. Continue reading “Transcending the Coma Tour”

Anberlin Announces the First Few Dates of Their Final Tour

Anberlin - Final World Tour

Just posted moments ago on the band’s Facebook page, Anberlin cleared up a little confusion about their final tour and announced the first three dates of the tour.

Hey guys – over the coming weeks and months, we will be announcing various segments and shows from our final tour dates around the world.

We hope you will join us when we come through your city for one last night of jams together; it’s gonna crush.

A lot of you have been asking if Warped Tour will be our final tour in the US. And to be as clear as we can be, NO. We will have a FINAL TOUR in the US this fall, but those dates will all be announced in due time. As will other countries.

Starting with today… we are pumped to announce the first couple shows on our Final US Tour.

Nov 12 – Boston @ House of Blues
Nov 13 – New York City @ Irving Plaza
Nov 15 – Philly @ Theater of Living Arts

Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10amET sharp!

LIGHTS – Fall Siberia Tour

Lights Fall Siberia Tour ©Henry Chung 2012

The fall leg of the Siberia Tour finally came to a close (this show was actually the 2nd to last date of the tour.) Having been on the road promoting her sophomore release ‘Siberia’ all year, Lights wrapped things up in the east coast before heading back home to Ontario.

Though a little less electronica heavy than the Spring iteration of the Siberia Tour, there was still a very good mix between some dub-step, indie and electronic. A lot of them (“Heavy Rope”, “Last Thing”, “Flux And Flow”) sounded a lot better live than on record. She also threw in a cover of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” into the mix.

Lights Fall Siberia Tour ©Henry Chung 2012

Overall, Lights never disappoints. If you ever get the chance to see her perform, I say do it! (Idk how 100% this is but Matt from Sight of Sound Magazine ran into Beau (blessthefall) in the audience and he mentioned that they’re gonna be on Warped 2013 so maybe you can catch next summer!)

Lights Fall Siberia Tour ©Henry Chung 2012

The Used: Vulnerable Tour

In support of their fifth studio release, and first through Hopeless Records, The Used will is heading out on a US headlining tour through May and June.  They will be making a stop at the TLA in Philly on May 15th and Crocodile Rock in Allentown on May 22nd with Dead Sara and Stars In Stereo supporting. Click below for dates. Continue reading “The Used: Vulnerable Tour”

Riot Fest East 2012

Last year’s Riot Fest East was a dream come true. To see so many of my favorite bands from the past reunited as well current faves all on a single day, let alone it all happening on my birthday, was a one I would never forget.

This year’s Riot Fest lineup surely does not disappoint. With the recent announcement of Refused, The Promise Ring & Boy Sets Fire (all recently reunited) as well as OFF! (former Circle Jerks/Black Flag singer Keith Morris’ new band) as well as Lancaster, PA’s own August Burns Red. More details to come as the dates gets closer.

Thursday: 1997-2011

Taking their last band huddle, the band took the stage. The lights go up and then the band begins their last (US) set with “Open Quotes” off of their recent and last release, No Devolución. Hammering through 20 songs from throughout their illustrious career, emotions were running very high. In between songs, frontman, Geoff Rickly shared fond memories, both good and bad, with the audience. He mentioned about the time he and the rest of the band thought they were all going to die in a plane crash while on tour right before the band erupts into “At This Velocity.” A highlight of the evening was when they played “Autobiography of a Nation” and “Cross Out the Eyes” with Tom Schlatter of Black Kites on backup vocals. Ending their set with “Turnpike Divides,” the band walked off the stage. And then… it was over.

I remember I was a freshman in college when Full Collapse came out. Their sound was very different than what was out there at the time. Their lyrics were very sincere and from the heart. Thursday’s music helped me through a lot of rough times back in the day and because of that, they have always held a special place in my heart. Seeing their last show and not to mention photographing it is still surreal. Just as the crowd cheered: THANK YOU THURSDAY! Thank you. – Henry Chung

It seems like not so long ago (actually ten years ago) I went to PJ Sounds (Emmaus people will remember that record store) and ordered a record called Full Collapse. Ten years later almost to the date I saw the band Thursday play their last show ever tonight. It was weird to be a part of that. Damn good show but a bit surreal. I grew up on that band. I’m not gonna lie they weren’t my favorite band of all time or anything but they were extremely important to the scene and to me. They will be missed and I feel lucky as hell to have gone to the TLA tonight with some of my best friends and shared this moment with them. – Josh Hoch