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Decent Exposure Radio’s Top 25 Albums of 2011

25. Polar Bear ClubClash Battle Guilt Pride

“By all accounts a very strong album, but it lacks to conciseness and directness of ‘Chasing Hamburg.’  A few of the songs meander and would have benefited from some more judicious editing.  However there are many songs on here that rank as some of the best they have ever written.  Here’s looking at you ‘Kneel On Nails,’ ‘Killin’ It,’ ‘Screams In Caves,’ ‘Life Between The Lines,’ and ‘Bottled Wind.’

Trim the fat and you have a top 15, top 10 candidate.”

24. Opeth Heritage

“Some will cry foul at my not having this higher while many others will object to it being included at all.  This is a bit of a grower as it’s not nearly as aggressive as much of the Swedes’ past work.  Their interest in exploring prog-rock tends to reward those who are willing to sit through the album multiple times.  Also refreshing for the band, every song is less than nine minutes.  Most of the tracks are well under this which is a a decided change from the group that is known for not being shy about topping the 20 minute mark.  In a strange way, this makes the album more digestible but at the same time, you still have to put forth the effort.  Once you get it, you really get it.”

23. LemuriaPebble

“Another grower.  Their first full-length ‘Get Better’ is a little shorter, a little more immediate and a bit better of an introduction to the band.  This album tries some different tunings and different approaches that often aren’t as immediate.  Some of the songs can hook you right off the bat (‘Pleaser,’ ‘Different Girls,’ ‘Bloomer’, ‘Chautauqua County,’ and ‘The One’ did just that for me) but most of the other tracks will grow on you in time.  Sometimes the less immediate rewards are the ones you remember better.”