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Exclusive: Yellowcard Interview

Yellowcard is a band of survivors.  They had a huge hit album HOW MANY YEARS AGO with Ocean Avenue and have managed to not only survive when many of their peers fell by the wayside, but thrive.

Yellowcard - VWT14 ©2014 Henry Chung 02

During Warped Tour 2012, I was very prepared to talk to the band about their then new album Southern Air.  Sadly, it never came to be.

Not expecting them to be available to do press, I was in no way ready to do an interview this year.

Yellowcard - wxlv ©2014 Henry Chung

When the opportunity arose for me to speak to violinist Sean Mackin, I was certainly willing, but ill-prepared.  With a new album on the way, I had to improvise my way through an interview to gather whatever information I could.