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  • Interview: Bombpops at the Voltage Lounge

    Interview: Bombpops at the Voltage Lounge

    5/22/17 – The Voltage Lounge was host to Red City Radio, The Bombpops and Russian Girlfriends as they stopped in Philadelphia as a part of their huge national tour.  The tiny club offered a no-frills setting though the narrow space upstairs held the merch and additional vantage points.  For those of us who stayed on the…

  • Exclusive: Cattle Decapitation and Cannibal Corpse Interview

    Exclusive: Cattle Decapitation and Cannibal Corpse Interview

    October is meant to be a spooky month, culminating in Halloween. Aside from some seeing some incarnation of the Misfits, the best musical way to prepare for the season is a good old-fashioned death metal show, especially one surrounded with horror imagery. On Tuesday October, 13th Reverb in Reading, PA was host to Cannibal Corpse,…

  • Exclusive: Mastodon Interview

    Exclusive: Mastodon Interview

    FRIDAY, MAY 15TH – Bethlehem’s Sands Event Center was a stop on The Missing Link tour, a co-headlining event featuring Clutch and Mastodon.

  • Exclusive: Tonight Alive Interview (2014)

    Exclusive: Tonight Alive Interview (2014)

    It’s starting to become a running theme now where we catch up with Tonight Alive whenever they’re on tour at a city near us. But we can’t help it, We’re big fans and long time supporters of these talented Aussies. We caught up with Whakaio Taahi and Jake Hardy backstage at the Sands Event Center and talked about how well received The…

  • Exclusive: Taking Back Sunday Inteview

    Exclusive: Taking Back Sunday Inteview

    Right before the gates opened and a flood of rabid fans filled the Sands Event Center to the SOLD OUT show for the evening, we got the chance to talk to John Nolan and Shuan Cooper of Taking Back Sunday (who also happened to be half of Straylight Run which is currently in indefinite hiatus). We talked about the…

  • Exclusive: A Wilhelm Scream Interview 2.0

    Exclusive: A Wilhelm Scream Interview 2.0

    11/17/13 – One of Philadelphia’s tiniest venues, The Barbary, hosted New Bedford, Massachusetts’ finest band, A Wilhelm Scream.  Fresh off of the release of their long-awaited album Partycrasher (available on No Idea Records), AWS played an energetic set full of old favorites along with some new cuts. Single Mothers opened the show. In a follow-up to the…

  • Exclusive: Reel Big Fish Interview

    Exclusive: Reel Big Fish Interview

    Reel Big Fish was another band that eluded my interviewing grasp for quite some time.  Big tuna, Aaron Barrett wasn’t available for press, but drummer Ryland Steen was.  After a few moments of heartily mocking Crocodile Rock, we launched into it and he was incredibly easy to talk to. Their latest album Candy Coated Fury is a bit of a comeback, so check…

  • Exclusive: Big D and the Kids Table (VWT13 Edition)

    Exclusive: Big D and the Kids Table (VWT13 Edition)

    I got the chance to do an interview with David (singer) and Derek (drummer) of Big D and the Kids Table.  Henry and Chris did a Warped interview with them two years ago but a lot has happened since: they are no longer on their old record label (or any label), David had a cancer scare,…

  • Exclusive: Tonight Alive Interview (VWT13 Edition)

    Exclusive: Tonight Alive Interview (VWT13 Edition)

    Tonight Alive’s interview marks Decent Exposure Radio’s first follow-up interview.  I spoke to Jenna and Whakaio and they actually remembered me from the previous year. We spoke at great length about their upcoming album The Other Side (pre-order it now!) and other recent developments. When the recorder clicked off, they thanked me, (as they did last year) for…

  • Exclusive: Motion City Soundtrack Interview

    Exclusive: Motion City Soundtrack Interview

    We had the pleasure of speaking to Josh Cain, guitarist of Motion City Soundtrack.  Funny story, MCS was supposed to be our very first interview back a few years ago when they came to Crocodile Rock Cafe.  Unfortunately, they decided to come in February on the very night of a blizzard.  We went to the show, but they…